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About Us

Music and Business Academy

Hi, my name is Christopher Odiley aka “Stovaz” I am the CEO of the Christopher Odiley Companies trading as Mor’geez Records cc and Odiley Music and Business Academy cc. Let me take you on a tour of our brief history, innovations, Services and Success of our entity from its inception.Having being in the music industry since the age of 15 as a song writer, singer, dancer and performing artist, I have decided to bring my experience to help others achieve their goals in the music, film and entertainment industry in general industry; hence Mor’geez Records was born out of this special passion to make a positive impact . As an actor / model, I’ve featured in quite a number of short films, motion and still commercials.As a gifted song writer with over 350 songs in my song banks, I released my solo hip-pop album of 10 tracks in the year 2000 under Mor’geez Records which its hit single “moni makes the world” went platinum in Nigeria. Mor’geez Records was officially launched in South Africa in the year 2004 and since then, “there ain’t no stopping us” ; with handful of local artists on our stable, there seem to be no limit to the sky. Coupled with my years of experience in traveling round the world – from New York to London to Paris and as far as to Dubai in the Middle East.Our success stories can never be over exaggerated due to the measure of hard work culminating in huge success as indicative of our expansions in terms of products and services; and talent discoveries as you will witness during your exploration of this holistic (profile) domain; made possible for the effort of my team of young talented staffs whose got “the magic touch” in the entertainment business.With the positive aim of contributing to the world we are living in - today, that is a global village; my only wish is to make a difference – no matter where I’m from and where I am.The Christopher Odiley Group has come a long way and here to stay with lot of cookies for you on our table from music / video production, event initiation / coordination, artist management, art and cultural promotion, actors and models management, and most of all “skills development” which has given birth to the Odiley Music and Business Academy duly accredited by MAPPP-SETA, South Africa, we have become a standard force to be reckon with. Therefore, with all due respect and honor, I welcome you all to the Christopher Odiley Companies’ – a unique world of multimedia services. REGARDS

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