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REG NO: 2006 / 036986/ 23Accreditation N0: MAPP7173The Odiley Music and Business Academy is a training institution in the field of Sound Technology and Performing Arts. This again is our major tool of contribution to talents developments and skills empowerment of our youth in the entertainment industry.Our strictly Outcome Based Education (OBE) on the FET Band as recognized by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) is solely geared towards guarding learners to self empowerment and employment.The director of the academy, Mr. Odiley Christopher an acclaimed musical and business personnel has invested his life-oriented skills to the professional institution.The academy situated in the central of Johannesburg, South Africa, for easy access by our local and international students boasts all round modern facilities and teaching equipment. Henceforth all our courses and teachings involve 50% practical and 50% theory.One may ask why this huge percentage of practical? This is to ensure that our students on or even before graduation are familiar with all sort of equipment involved in their respective field of studies in order to be practically prepared for their job market and most of all to achieve our main aim of OUTCOME BASE EDUCATION (OBE)AIMSThe institution ‘s main aim is to totally eradicate what we call “ white elephant” certificates which simply translates to having a certificate on a mere sheet of paper which cannot be defended practically. Hence, our practically oriented formula of tuition.OBJECTIVEAmong many others, the institution’s main focus is to perfectly and or mandatory create a world of skillful youth and adults alike i.e. nationally and internationally.VISION•To professionally equip graduates with certified skills, making sure they are fully prepared for the challenges of rapid socio-economic growth and development.•Most of all business management and music courses are all geared towards the need for self-reliance with the utmost intention of integrating entrepreneurial wealth creation as opposed to dependency.In order to satisfy our growing number of students across the board, the academy has developed an evening / weekend class medium to cater for our working class students who are interested in full-time/ part-time training.

Odiley Music and Business Academy